Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A brandnew year!

Ah, the excitement on New Years morning, especially if you got to bed early enough and limited the alcohol to a celebratory glass of champagne and wake up to a bright blue sky, 0F temperatures and a snow and ice crusted landscape. A whole new new! 365 days, and this is day one.  2014 --- what will it bring? It’s funny that we think about life in increments of years. It could as well be months, weeks or days? But I guess that would be too much counting. Years it is. It feels like moving into a brandnew house, which is clean, has no furniture yet, with endless possibilities, like a white canvas, and we will fill it with memories. By the end of the year we look back, and wonder if we liked how the house looks like all full, to the brim. The memories of summer in one room, the memories of work, of family, of friends in others, a room of extraordinary events, and the rooms to which we rather close the door and throw away the key. Then, we build a whole life consisting of these building blocks of years locking in the memories. But, alas, it is a new empty canvas. A fresh start. Something is seductive about it, although typically nothing really changes that much. But we are giving a new year. That in itself is a gift.

Looks like the winter is finally fair, and showers the rest of New England with a foot of snow over the next 2 days. We might get a few inches on top of the 2 feet of snow we already have. Time to get out the skis and get some fresh air and sunshine. 


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