Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The rustling of Christmas wrapping paper

It is Christmas morning. I am in bed, the bright sun shines through the windows, I see the ice crusted trees in my front yard. They look like JCrew jewelry making creaking sounds. I can hear the Christmas wrapping paper rustling everywhere, smell piles of hot cakes with honey, hot coffee, laughter, pajamas, little kids squealing with delight over their new toys, filling the heart of the giver to the brim with joy, ah, Christmas. In my bedroom it is quiet, wonderfully quiet and calm. But I can still hear all those other sounds The internet takes a rest, until everyone emerges from under the wrapping paper pile, full of hot cakes, puts on the boots and goes for a walk. First checks the computer or smartphone, and at least uploads an instagram.

I’ve soaked up the holiday season for 4 weeks already, every ounce of cookies, glitter, sparkle and holiday cheer and I felt over it 2 days ago. There is only so much Christmas you can pack in one person. Target will have put up 75% off signs at the Christmas decor, replenish the shelves with neat rows of  heart shaped item once we resume life. Off to the next holiday. Maybe, there will be Easter bunny here or there. You can never be reminded early enough about the next holiday. Fold the wrapping paper, collect the bow ties, until the next year.



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