Friday, December 20, 2013

Soup re-cooked.

It all started with chicken noodle soup since I am sick. A big pot. After 2-3 bowls, I lost interest. I thought about bringing it to someone else with a cold.


Then, I saw Gina’s soup, a similar soup, only in a Greek direction, with quinoa, tomatoes, kalamata olives and oregano and …. squash. This gave me a reason to attack a bad boy squash that had waited all fall for an opportunity. A new variety of squash highly recommended by Mark at the FM. “Fabulous taste!” But, I must say it is a manly squash.


Only men and some women have a change to cut its hard skin with excessive force. I almost lost a knife in the squash and thought I might to have to steam this way, knife included. Once I got the knife back out without injury to myself or anyone else, it was still not opening up.  I contemplated getting my tool box and resort to a hammer and split iron combination. Eventually it budged.


I scooped the seeds, and steamed each half . The soup was reheated, tomatoes, steamed squash, and olives added, a 15min simmer session to fuse the flavors. And there it was, soup re-cooked.


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