Sunday, December 15, 2013

Snowed in

Yes, it is one of those days. It started to snow somewhen in the early morning hours, 2 or 3am and the weather maps shows it snowing continuously until 8pm tonight. At that point the big snow shovel exercise enterprise will kick  off.  It is quiet outside, no one who does not really need to is on the streets. On a day like this, Sunday, and a snow day, it is entirely serene, snow falling quietly, no a sound beside a muffled distant car on the interstate.

Yesterday was the opposite, bright, sunny skies, and thanks to the early reinstatement of long wool underwear and ski pants seemingly not too cold outside, everyone seemed to brave the mall for almost last minute holiday present shopping and the weekly groceries haul, all morphed into a single trip. People tripping over each other, brimming full parking lots, everyone in a hurry and yet enjoying the calm before the storm. Thank goodness for remote satellite imaging! Otherwise, no one would have a clue what is ahead, a day later. (How did people do it 100 years ago?)


So, I put on long johns again, ski pants, a thick fleece and a down jacket, a hat and plugged in the new earphone, listening to “The Book Thief” and braved the powder with a shovel. After a first pass of getting the drive way clear, I turned on the light over the stove in the kitchen and cooked a large batch of gulasch (recipe coming later) for a planned holiday party this week.  Now, it is still lightly snowing, the neighbors kids squealing in the snow, playing “I am dead” and dropping in the snow, the neighbors out and about, shoveling or snow plowing their drive way, and the weather map shows that the storm has already passed. It left 10-12 inches behind, enough to pack the skis. But that, tomorrow.

Now it is time to heat some gluehwein and settle in for the 3rd advent.

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