Monday, December 23, 2013

Slightly deadly weather

We have had a particular mix of winter weather for the last few days: freezing rain. My Saturday trek to the local Target store made me pump up the car indoor heating to keep the rain drops from freezing on my windshield. Bought all I needed, stayed indoors for Sunday with the ‘real ice storm’. It is Monday, the Monday before Christmas eve and people got things to do, but today I don’t even dare getting in the car. It is raining some more and immediately freezing. Looking outside, the world has turned into a giant, calm, beautiful and slightly deadly ice rink. The plants build an increasing amount of ice around them, and the shiny cover on the snow also grows. Soon, we’ll be able to put on ice skates.


This would not be half bad if it would last 1-2 days but it is only the beginning of winter, no thaw in sight and likely accumulations of feet and feet of snow on top of the ice. The weirdest weather. But I declare us half lucky (no one wants this weather) that the power was only out for a minute this morning.

I am at a loss of what to do. Worst case, there is always cat sand.

On better news, after almost an entire year of flower to mini lemon to full sized lemons the Meyer lemons on my (indoor) tree have turned yellow. My plant friend from the store tells me “Once you start smelling them, they are ripe”.  Hopefully, that coincides with the end of my sinus infection because I smell nothing.

so, there we go. A very weird Christmas time in Maine.


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