Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ice, ice, baby

The sky is dark gray, heavy with snowflakes in its belly, the world is still on a Sunday morning but also looking at the oppressive, pregnant sky. Another snow storm is predicted,  6-10 inches starting in the later afternoon. Not just snow, freezing rain, too. I think of the 4000 households in Hancock county that are still without power from the last ice storm on Monday, the ones who sat Christmas in the dark. Maybe, we all sit in the dark by tonight. The ice crusted trees are already heavy with their load of ice crystals, bending deep to the ground. Oh, winter. Oh, newly warmed up winter which creates this freezing rain/snow mess.

Back in the days (5 years ago) it would only pile on the snow until March, when it would all melt and go away. Now, this mixed precipitation. The coastal areas are milder in climate so they’ve been hit the hardest with iced rain. In a few years it will be us, and they will be the green coast of Ireland. Oh, well. Time to pile into the car, get on the road and get everything done before the skies give birth.

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