Friday, December 6, 2013

Droning on about the holidays

Another week has gone by. Why are the weeks between Thanksgiving and the holidays always so busy? Finishing out work, decorating the house, looking for gifts, pre-holiday cheers and parties to relax from it all… weather that cannot decide if it is winter yet, or not, dousing the land in show, for a few days, and then it is all melting again.  Today it is freezing rain. ---- It is Friday. Time to take a deep breath. Which are the stories of this week? Yes, Nelson Mandela’s passing, 2 days reserved for announcement and reverence. Kim’s latest bebe update (isn’t she a beauty already?), and the fact that our spatulas are soon delivered by drones from Amazon in 30min or less. I find this especially fascinating. Today, there are different scenarios of how this will pan out and especially affect Santa Claus.

Scenario 1 in the hypothetical 2015 holiday season:


Or will it be more like in scenario 2, hypothetical 2020 holiday season?


Remember, they are friendly drones, not ones that hover in front of your window with a camera like a paparazzi directly streaming you cooking dinner or doing burpees to youtube:


They can even be deployed for other responsible duties.


Ah, drones. The future!

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