Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tug of war with a summer cold

Sunday. I woke up feeling the legacy of the week, too much work plus the encounter of some summer cold germs. It felt like a tug of war, me pulling to health with Vitamin C and rest and the germs pulling to their side with still a lot of work to do and deadlines. This morning I upped the ante, and ventured out in the garden again, a pink umbrella over my head, with rainboots, a big bowl and scissors. I cut off another 2 pounds of elderberries. “That’ll do it…!” While talking over facetime with a friend, I picked them, cooked with 2 quarts of water, about 5 min after they came to a boil, and strained them with a stainless steel mesh sieve.  Now, just a bit of sweetener and the superpowers are ready to go. (If you believe, it’ll happen, right?)


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