Monday, September 2, 2013

Raining into September

When the thermometer shows sinking temperatures, my interest in cooking in on the rise again. An interesting effect I notice every summer. There I grow vegetables and fresh herbs, the farmers market overflows with produce yet I cannot bring myself to the stove but rather eat out. When I start scanning recipes with more interest again it is September. Over the years I learnt to just plant some kale or swiss chard for my likely consumption, the herbs are for decoration and summer feeling and maybe dried or frozen eventually.

It is raining cats and dogs today on this Labor Day 2013, no chance for picturesque outdoor BBQs or last hurrahs in the Acadia mountains. The students arrived this weekend, for many it is their first weekend away from home. University life might not be what they expected. I am cleaning out my offices, exchange summer shoes for winter shoes, and cook a hearty lunch --- Swiss chard, chickpeas, a hot pepper, some vegan parmesan cheese, and this steeping hot mess is warming me up and brace for what is to come for the next school year.


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