Monday, September 2, 2013

Die Sendung mit der Maus

Yesterday, when I was grabbing something from the basement, I saw this mouse statue sitting on the floor. Upright. Now, I am used to finding dead mice in my house thanks to my cats taking their job seriously, but this mouse sat upright. I bend down, and slightly tabbed it, and she moved, seemingly waking up. Instantly, I felt sorry for the little one like I always do when I take over the second part of the cat and mouse mission, trying to capture the handicapped mouse and release it to freedom, hopefully it making a clean getaway, either passing away in peace or finding new strength. This one had moved to the middle of the basement, and just sat there. I grabbed a paper towel and cautiously, gently picked up the Maus. I placed her in an empty Amazon box and took her upstairs to consider what would be best to do for her. She moved, but slowly, with no visible injuries but something must have happened, because no mouse in her right mind would allow a cat to catch her, forget a slow human.

I gently stroked her head. She did not like her confinement much, tried to eat a hole through the corner of the carbon box.

“Ok, I will release you to nature!”

Out in the garden I went with the box, and placed the mouse gently in a protected area with a leaf cover, but she seemed to feel disoriented with all the plant stems, so we looked for a new location, something a bit more elevated, safer.


She nestled herself into the corners of the raised bed, and I equipped her with food, a sliver of parmesan cheese and a few cat kibbles.

She sat there, all quiet. Was she resting and gathering her strength, or deciding to give way to nature? In any case, I stroked her head gently, saying “Take care of yourself!”, and she came out, and said “Hey, I am not dead yet!”


So, I picked her up again, and looked for a better, more appropriate place. Maybe, something a little bit more sunny and warm? I tried out different locations, but all she wanted was sleep in my hand.


So, I found her a new house, one that would protect her from the violent recent rain showers, safe from cats, with some food and indoors (i.e. garage).


Mouse’s new house, high up on the newly stacked wood, with a protecting hideaway, and some cat kibbles. Mouse started to climb on the food pile and started nibbling away.

A few hours later, I check again. She had moved on to the metropolis of wood pile hideaways.


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