Sunday, August 4, 2013

By the sea, by the sea

It’s is back to work for me, deadlines looming but I discovered I work a lot better when work is wrapped in a towel and eaten at the sea. Or something like that. Shortcuts don’t work. The other day I said, ah, too long of a drive, I just hangout at the lake. But dogs barking, people talking, gas propelled lawn mower jawling robbed me of any peace of mind, and I trudged home again. So, Belfast and the sea it is. Checking out Treasure barn once in a while, grabbing farmers market goods at Chase’s Daily and lunch, occasionally at the newly open beautiful Gothic next door if it is prime time at Chase’s and the wait too long, and then, it is off to the beach with the beach chair, an umbrella and letting my mind flow in the wind, smelling the sea and my thoughts sailing wide, like sailboats.








Kale salad with avocado and candied almonds at The Gothic.

by the sea, by the sea.


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