Sunday, June 23, 2013

The early bird gets the kale

When I made it to the farmers market yesterday morning, I had not much choice at my favorite farm stand: mixed lettuce, one bok choy and a few head of romaine. “Not much ready this season yet….?” “If you turn around, you see…..” I saw the handwritten chalk board with the list of produce and their prices…. “Oh, I guess I have to come earlier….” “We are here on Tuesdays, too. There is less competition.” Yes, the Saturday market is emptied at 10am. The early bird gets the worm. Or the kale.

So, I walked home with the last bok choy left, some scallops from the fish truck, and lunch was bok choy steamed in chicken stock, edamame and a Morning star chickpea burger, which I love.


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