Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cry me a river

It rains again. It is dark, dreary, rains with no end, and the rivers are dangerously swollen, flooding the running paths next to the river. After work I went to the mall yesterday to cash in on my 40% off coupon at GAP, and almost cried a river, too: all the stores had started “end of season” sales. “End of season?!” I cried “Summer has not even STARTED yet.” This is what you get when your life revolves around enduring the long months of winter in bravery to live for summer. And then summer never comes.

The rest of the world seems in a not much better state, flights to France are in jeopardy because of strike, Colorado is on fire (they probably wish to have some of our rain), and all of our data is automatically backed up to the CIA. Yesterday, when I tried on summer dresses at GAP I decided I need to start some form of summer shape up. Something like “bride’s arms in 20 days” or “bikini booty”, I guess these would be the appropriate google search terms. Oh well. Maybe, I should just skip it because…. there is no summer this year.


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