Friday, May 17, 2013

Fiddlehead Tart

Today was my day to play, after a week of work and painting the house. The day started out gray and cold, and it was not the weather I had envisioned for a first summer trip to the coast. I puttered around and the day was almost gone but by 4pm I got on the road because I knew I would regret tomorrow if I had given in to laziness and excuses. Magically, the clouds disappeared and the sum came out. By mid-May, the days are quite long and so a late trip would still be worthwhile.

Sometimes, it is all in the drive anyway. A drive, sunshine, the landscape flying by, the clouds and the thoughts and mind recharge.


My favorite barnyard was open, including a new wooden horse.


My favorite coop, the Belfast coop.



Besides the chives seedlings, a tiny chihuahua was waiting for his owner. He was so tiny and vulnerable, easily to be scooped up and taken away. But this is Maine, and we all trust each other. 


Or bring the big black dog to protect the little white one.


Backstreets of Belfast.


All walks typically bring me to Chase’s Daily for a meal. This time, for dinner, since Friday is the only day Chase’s serves dinner (besides breakfast and lunch). As usual, their fare is vegetarian and from their own farm.


Dinner only one day a week translates into ‘booked solid’ every time but there are seats at the bar.


A business woman’s handbag: Kate Spade handbag with Macbook Air, Tuscan Kale and a piece of parmesan cheese.


While waiting for dinner, I did something old fashioned: reading the New Times in paper form and being in Cannes for the film festival.


I had ordered the daily special: Fiddlehead Tart with goat cheese, herbs and an egg custard with early greens. It was perfect.


An entire mini tart with a rustic crust for me.


Here is a glimpse of the chef (white apron).


After it was all said and done (eaten) I headed out for short walk.


Yes, this is Maine. A lot of old cars.


Everywhere. Because, it is almost all in the drive. And the rest in the fiddlehead tart.

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