Monday, March 25, 2013


I am in business to redecorate my dining room. It is a Cape Cod style room with a trim around the four walls. Originally, it was painted a light friendly pastel green on the lower part of the wall but at some point I decided I am not a green person so I painted one entire wall a plum color as contrast wall, and the rest uniformly in eggshell. This did not last long and the entire room became eggshell. Over the years I realized I no longer threw dinner parties, and I pondered if the 'bland' dining room might have anything to do with it. Since then I am throwing the idea around of reintroducing color to the room. A pastel gray? Too cold? Back to a warm pastel green? Warm and inviting? A more nougat color? Warm, and neutral. Terracotta red? Warm but too stimulating?

Accordingly, as any home designer, I've been collecting ideas on pinterest and today I came across a designer who could be my designer soulmate. So many fabulous ideas! The yellowcapecod is a private home styling business run by Sarah Macklem, with a beautiful blog which is a true treasure chest of styling ideas, in the small and large, and on a budget. This spring table decor with white tulips and pussy willow comes with a tutorial.

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