Monday, November 5, 2012

Foggy November

October ended with keeping everyone in its grip watching Sandy, and November came quietly leaving us with assessing the damage, the devastation and helping to rebuild. In some ways, looking at the news coverage, it feels like Sandy is the Katrina of the Northeast. Not in means of lack of FEMA response but by the widespread devastation. So many people who lost everything. The weather report says there is a new storm on the way, this time a winter storm, with snow and cold temperatures. Looking at global climate change, unfortunately this will not be the last of a storm like this.

Things here in Maine are more quiet, we were not impacted much, at least not as long as you do not live in the Southern and coastal Maine parts. Our days consist of raking leaves these day, from trees finally emptied of their bright yellow coat by Sandy, clearing out the vegetable beds, buying dried local beans and bags full of beets for cheap at the farmers market, and also wondering if there will be the first snow this week.

One thing this week is for sure, though, tomorrow is election day, so GO VOTE.


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