Sunday, August 19, 2012

End of the vacation

Today is the last day of my vacation. It was another staycation but the weather was so-so half of the time, and I could not come up with any new things to do. Ok, I came up with ideas but then I was too lazy to execute or the weather did not play. It was one of these vacays that are characterized by laying low on a chaise (or couch), and read a book, and just veg for an extended period of time, which is rare for me. Looks like I also did not have a lot energy to blog either. Gotta go with the flow, right?

I had 2 nice hikes in Acadia, a trip to Belfast. visited one of my favorite cats on Acadia, just to hear he has passed away, hit by a car since I last saw him in May. His brother picked up the slack of greeting any visitor friendly and rolling over right away for a belly rub. I had a serious talk with him, saying “Do NOT cross that street, hear me?” ; he was comfortable in his shady retreat. I was so sad to hear about Scruffy, and I still am.

Bar Harbor and my hike around Jordan Pond was overrun with tourists. Many young families this year, even with tiny infants, taking the 2h round trip around the lake, balancing on the elevated trail on one side of the lake, and the wait at the Jordan pond lawn restaurant was too long for my hunger. So, no popovers this year, just a sandwich from the JP store. Oh well. Good for the economy, right?



Boje scruffy



JP_3 JP_4


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