Sunday, July 29, 2012

A German biergarten in the middle of Bangor, Maine

My favorites about  Germany are --- crusty, dark bread, the massive variety of tasty cold cuts, and …. biergartens. A biergarten (beer garden) is a traditional summer outdoor hangout in Germany, to meet with friends and family in the afternoon and early evening in a garden like, shady setting, with long benches, umbrellas, and enjoy some cold beer, a light summer dinner with pretzels and sandwiches, and then cycle home. As you can imagine, on a particular mild summer night, the evenings at a biergarten might make for hanging until deep in the night. I’ve always hoped that biergarten will be similarly adopted like Italian coffee, French bread and European beer in the USA. How can it not, right?

I was more than happy to read that Nocturem in Bangor had set-up a biergarten in the back of their indoor, all year round beer bar. It looks very original. But, where are the people??



Nocturnem, Bangor, Maine


Hofbraeukeller-Biergarten, Munich.

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